senior serenades™ goes virtual in response to covid-19

senior serenades™ goes virtual in response to covid-19

senior serenades™ goes virtual in response to covid-19


March 14, 2020

Senior Serenades

   'Connecting Generations Within Their Own Communities, Through 


Moorestown, NJ:   

The young entertain the young-at-heart!  -- And the show must go on, despite COVID-19!

Fourteen year-old Moorestown resident, Colin DiPasquale, wanted to use his years of piano lessons for good, by entertaining the senior population who otherwise could not venture out for fun.  So he started Senior Serenades,™ a program in which musical teens donate their time and talents entertaining local seniors at assisted living facilities, playing piano and various band instruments.

But now with the latest threat of COVID-19, visitors to senior residences have been restricted, and it seemed inevitable that the scheduled performances would have to be cancelled, including this Saturday's performance at Brandywine Senior Living, in Moorestown, NJ.


Upon receiving Thursday's news of performance cancellation in an email from Brandywine activities director, Rebecca Lentine, DiPasquale responded, "I don't want your residents to be disappointed and miss out on entertainment, especially now."   Then he began working on creating a virtual performance for them.

DiPasquale quickly notified his scheduled teen musicians, (which vary weekly), of a change in venue and date.  Fellow freshmen at Moorestown High School, Raghav Akula, on saxophone, and Andy Chang, on violin, would now meet one day earlier, and at DiPasquale's home on Friday, to record a virtual performance for the senior residents.  Once recorded, edited, and uploaded to the internet, they could still meet their Saturday, 2pm performance commitment to Brandywine residents.  Lentine welcomed the idea and assured DiPasquale they would play the video in the facility's movie theater at their originally scheduled time. 


The residents of Brandywine enjoyed viewing Senior Serenades not once, but twice by the residents' request.


The virtual version of Senior Serenades was also forwarded to the facilities where the musicians were scheduled to visit over the next month.   

They are now recording from their own homes, safely practicing social distancing while they entertain.


DiPasquale's plan is to continue recording and editing new videos at his home over the following months, varying songs and volunteer teen musicians, for online viewing, until in-person weekly visitation can resume at the local senior residences. 

Virtual Senior Serenades is now offered free to all senior living residences nationwide, by signing up at

Click here to view a sample of the virtual performance.

For more information on this program, visit:

Senior Serenades is a charter program, (created by 14 year-old Colin DiPasquale), of the Local Acts of Kindness Foundation -

a nonprofit organization.


seeking local acts of kindness

senior serenades™ goes virtual in response to covid-19

senior serenades™ goes virtual in response to covid-19


February 2020

Seeking Local Actsfor

Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 16th-23rd, 2020 

Moorestown, NJ:   
Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming!... February 16th-23rd, 2020.  Studies of the brain prove that a simple act of kindness positively affects not only the performer & recipient, but all witnesses to the act as well! 

Moorestown nonprofit, Local Acts of Kindness Foundation™ says, 

'If you see something kind, 

kindly tell us!


Submit online at

We will list kind acts you may have done, received, or witnessed in Moorestown, NJ and surrounding area on our website for others to enjoy! Don't forget to include your town!'

 Local Acts of Kindness Foundation™ inspires, encourages, and brings neighbors together for the purpose of practicing kindness towards others, within their own communities and beyond.  



kindness therapy™ seeking volunteers

senior serenades™ goes virtual in response to covid-19

kindness therapy™ seeking volunteers


January 2020

Kindness Therapy

'Neighbors Helping Neighbors Through Chemotherapy, Offering Connection & Understanding' 

Moorestown, NJ:   
In honor of World Cancer Day, February 4th, 2020, Moorestown nonprofit, Local Acts of Kindness Foundation™ , is requesting the community's participation with their newest program, 

Kindness Therapy™ .

Kindness Therapy™ is a program in which neighbors share their own personal past journeys through cancer, through anonymous emails/letters, offering connection and understanding to local chemotherapy patients at the Virtua Samson Cancer Center, Moorestown, NJ.

Emails and letters are requested of the community, from those wishing to share their past experiences, feelings and thoughts about their own journeys.  Once received, they will be made accessible to those undergoing cancer treatment at Virtua Samson Cancer Center, Moorestown, NJ.

If you would like to help your neighbors through their cancer journey, by sharing your personal past experiences with them, anonymously if desired, please email us at, or send via U.S. mail to LAOKF/Kindness Therapy, PO  Box 224, Moorestown, NJ, 08057.

Kindness Therapy™ is an on-going program of the Local Acts of Kindness Foundation™ - a nonprofit organization.  

Letters are accepted all year round.