We are a family of three who felt helpless for those devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

We gathered some supplies to donate to those affected, then challenged our town to join us.

The community came together for the greater good.  

Supplies poured in, including the use of a tractor-trailer and driver; 

...And young volunteers (ages 7-14) and their parents, helped collect, organize, & load the truck.

Over two days at a local park in Central Jersey and 175 cars later,

the 53-foot tractor-trailer was filled.


The Tractor-Trailer Challenge was born...  

...and the idea for the Local Acts of Kindness Foundationbegan to take root.

Local Acts of Kindness Foundationofficially launched on November 13, 2019,

which is also 'World Kindness Day'.


Nancy DiPasquale - President

The launching of the Local Acts of Kindness Foundation 

is a longtime dream for our Founder.  

Nancy's path to this endeavor has been anything but straight, 

while navigating careers in other industries.

But one thing remained constant throughout... 

her real passion for helping others and spreading joy 

through acts of kindness.

In that vein, Nancy and her family established the 

Local Acts of Kindness Foundation™ 

and created all of its programs,

to express that passion and encourage neighbors to

experience the contagious fun of spreading kindness, joy, 

and help where needed.


Nancy's LinkedIn Profile

favorite quote:  

'Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.'  - Dalai Lama


henry dipasquale - CFO & VP

Helping others is at the core of our foundation's CFO & VP.  

Our Tractor-Trailer Challenge  

would not run without Henry's expertise

in finance, management, and logistics,

and undoubtedly his big heart.

 Henry, along with his family, 

enjoy participating in acts of kindness within

their own community… and have all seen first-hand

how quick and eager others are to participate

in organized group acts of kindness. 



Henry's LinkedIn Profile

favorite quote:

 'Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear 

and the blind can see.'    - Mark Twain 



  Acts of kindness have always played a role in Colin’s life. 

Upon learning that children lost their toys in

Superstorm Sandy (2012), 

Colin, (then age 7), gathered together three boxes

filled with his own toys to donate, 

kicking off what is now known as 

the Tractor-Trailer Challenge .

Colin, now 14, is the Creator, Entertainer, 

& Volunteer Coordinator of our 

Senior Serenades  program.

Colin also gives a voice to many of our furry shelter friends

in our Rescues Speak  program.


favorite quote:  

'When you are helping others, you are helping yourself.' 


Tad DiPasquale - kind Dood

  Our Goldendoodle, Tad, is an integral part of 

our family, the organization, and its mission. 

Tad reminds us daily of how a small act of kindness 

toward God’s creatures are returned to us 

in the form of unconditional love and joy.

Tad is a big supporter of our Rescues Speak program,

giving our local shelter pet population a voice,

and a better chance at finding their fur-ever homes.


Coincidentally, Tad was born on November 13th, 2013,

* World Kindness Day *

...which is also the official launch day of the

Local Acts of Kindness Foundation (2019).


Facebook:  @TADtheDood

favorite quote:

‘Life’s Ruff. Be Kind.’ – Tad