'Doing Good in the Neighborhood'

Local Acts™

Studies of the brain prove that a simple act of kindness positively affects not only the performer & recipient, 

but all witnesses to the act as well.

South Jersey:

If you have received, witnessed, or performed a kind act, 

during the COVID-19 world pandemic, kindly tell us!


We'll list it here for others to enjoy!


  • '..In my neighborhood, we all organized to come outside one of our houses and sing happy birthday to an eleven year old girl, who I am sure would have been having a party today if it were allowed. At least 10-12 families showed up to sing away and decorate the sidewalk with chalk while maintaining social distancing!' 

  • ' A woman from my church is sewing and donating 300 masks for my unit. ❤️ '

  • 'Really friendly people when taking a walk. Everyone says hi (from a distance).' 

  • 'I gave an elderly gent my rolls of paper towels. By the time he walked to the back, they would have been gone. Told him to someday pay it forward. I have a pack at home.' 

  • 'I placed an order with Instacart for home delivery, and while the shopper was shopping for me, I asked him (thru texting) what his favorite ice cream was.. then told him to include it on my order but take it home with him to enjoy.  He is doing what the rest of us don't want to or can't do. His response of gratitude and positivity brought me to tears.'

  • Someone is 'kick starting a letter-writing/card-writing campaign for seniors in our community who are feeling isolated.'

  • 'Teen musicians are recording performances from their homes and uploading to the internet to entertain seniors at local assisted living facilities, until they can return to entertain them in person. (SeniorSerenades.org)'


  • 'My daughter and husband mowing the lawn for our neighbor.'  

  • 'I've been cooking and sending food to family.' 

  • 'Checked in on my 89 yr old neighbors. Then getting medicine for my 80+ parents and food shopping for them.' 

  • 'So many acts of kindness in Cinnaminson. Making masks for healthcare workers, neighbors needing items and friends coming to the rescue are just some wonderful acts. Love seeing the artwork around town as I take my walk.' 

  • 'My next door neighbor called and asked me if I needed anything from Shop Rite! So kind.' 

  • 'My son just made 15 bean soup & brought me a mason jar of some. put it on the chair on the porch and would not come near me. Protecting his old ma.' 

  • 'My neighbor's son, who works for Wegman's, checked in with me and told me if I needed something he would bring it to me. '

  • 'Our neighbors check in for who needs what in our close knit neighborhood before going to stores' 

  • 'Neighbors checking and offering to pick items from Shop Rite for us. Love my neighbors.'  

  • 'An offer from an unknown neighbor to pick up groceries for me via local fb neighbors group. Plus my immediate neighbors offering too. I’m good for now.
    Really touched by the very kind offers.'  


  •  'Offered to go pick up meds and or shop for panicked seniors. '

  •  'My 2 wonderful daughters are on the ball checking on us and preparing meals..how will i ever repay their kindness and food.  '

  • 'My debit card wasn't working at BJs and the head cashier Ashley paid for my baby benedryl for me!'

  • 'A woman at Rastelli’s let me buy the pasta that she was going to because it is the only shape my son will eat. Small but still made like easier for me at home! '

  • 'I had a couple amazing generously people purchase my son diapers! I couldn’t be more grateful. ♥️ 

  • 'I was shopping and the store had only a few packages of toilet paper left. I put just one in my cart and continued shopping. A lady saw it in my cart and asked where I found it because she couldn't find any on the shelves and that she and her children were using paper towels. I gave her the package of toilet paper and she was just so thankful. A few days later I was looking for Lysol wipes which my husband needed for his home dialysis equipment. There was none in the store. A lady heard me ask the store clerk if they were expecting any more and she offered to give me hers before the clerk said he was just going to bring more out . I didn't need to take hers but was so thankful that there are many very kind and caring people in this neighborhood.' 

  • '.. I reached out to my development through Facebook to help a family that I work with. I received enough donations for a months worth of food plus $100 Shop Rite gift card. All from strangers in my own development. There is good out there. .' 

  • 'I gave the older couple the last large egg carton on the shelf, instead of buying for my small family of two.' 

  • 'Made pumpkin pies and sharing with three families.'

medford, nj

  • 'Thanks to some wonderful neighbors I received donations of sanitizing wipes, masks, and hand sanitizer for my hospice unit.'  

  • 'Had an elderly couple that couldn’t leave their house by dr orders and they needed things so I got them the stuff free of charge since I had to go out anyways and I’ll be going weekly to get them things they need' 

  • ' My grandchildren are mailing cards, notes and artwork to their great grandmom ' 

  • 'Gave my freezer repairman a bottle of hand sanitizer, so he can feel safer around his 3 little kids.  ' 

  •  'Mailed baby wipes to someone I didn’t know because their stores had zero. I don’t have a preppers stack or anything but I’ll share what I can.  ' 

  •  'Someone'...'left pots of flowers on porches  ' 

  •  'My neighbors call to see how we are everyday and if someone makes homemade soup or pasta, they leave it on our porch' 

  •  'Our neighborhood offered to send volunteers to shop for elderly and people who have immune disorders ! ' 

  • 'My daughter is eating so many eggs lately and I cant get to stores. I local lady whos chicks are overproducing and she donated a dozen to us.' 

  • 'I have asthma & allergies. My neighbor volunteered to go shopping for us.' 

  • ' My son’s teacher drove by our house to say hello from a distance. She actually did this for all the kid’s in her class because she missed them.' 


have you received, witnessed, or performed a local act of kindness during the covid-19 pandemic?